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As you know, Atlanta SKILLZ is committed to bringing you the BEST in Age Specific Martial Arts! Dwindling are the days of the “dungeon dojo” and authoritative discipline that many who grew up in the martial arts have come to expect.


As times change it is important to recognize that what once worked in the “good ‘ol days” isn’t what works today.  As with any growing industry, the leaders must adapt and learn from new science and new technology for one main reason (in my opinion.)


To learn, innovate and apply so that we may pass on the proven benefits to our customers, students, YOU!


One way that Atlanta SKILLZ is able to do so is through the use of our Pre-Evaluations! This 15 minute evaluation that each student receives before jumping into our group classes is one of our most powerful tools! But, how?


Easy. Everyone has heard that “knowledge is power”. Our SKILLZ Age Specific Pre-Evaluations are meant to help us gather information about each individual student. Our staff wants to take the time to peel back the layers and learn what makes each child special. We understand that not only is each student different, they differ widely physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.


During each Pre-Evaluation our instructors are constantly evaluating the strengths and challenges of each child. With this knowledge, we now understand how to highlight their strength, as well as, build up their weak points.


Another strength of our Pre-Evaluation process lies in being able to better determine which atmosphere at our school will best suit a child’s stage of development which can range from a private lesson basis, normal group classes, or even accelerating them to the next age group. With this knowledge, we are able to make an educated decision as to a training regimen that will keep each ninja motivated and more importantly progressing and having fun!


This service is always FREE at Atlanta SKILLZ and allows our instructors to create that “all important” bond with a student so that starting a new activity is no longer intimidating! They actually enter the class already having a friend to look up to!


Our job as instructors and mentors often extends beyond simply teaching martial arts. I routinely find post after post in the leading martial arts forums about how instructors go above and beyond to find the best ways to teach, guide and foster the talent and morals of our youth! It is an honor to be at the forefront of this movement in our industry and our Pre-Evaluations are our first step to helping each ninja become a better version of themselves!

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