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As we continue to navigate through the ups and downs of the pandemic, our healthy choices have, mostly likely, been put on the back burner. Stress and depression put a significant halt to our wellbeing so we must find easy to implement ways of regaining healthy habits.

Now, we are offering health and wellness coaching through an innovative program to help others begin their journey to lifelong transformation.

The program:
- Clinically proven program
- Provides you with an eating regimen
- Assigns a coach to keep you accountable
- Gets your mind and body working together

The benefits of this program:
- Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones
- Enter a gentle but efficient fat-burning state
- Retain muscle mass
- Improve digestive health
- Weight loss
- Increase energy
- Daily fuelings provided (4-5 per day)
- Minimizes meal prep

Members of this program have seen dramatic results. Not only do people lose weight but many that have been on medication for various diseases including diabetes and hypertension have been able to lower their doses or completely do away with medication!

You will essentially replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones and your coach will help you celebrate all the little victories that add up to big ones! The healthy habits you learn will help you stay on a balance eating regimen and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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14 years ago I started a journey of trying to get lean and live healthy.
I had struggled with taking off the excess weight and keeping it off.

I had dealt with low energy to the point where I was drinking 4-6, 24oz cans of Monster Energy Drinks daily at my worst 🤢.

I gave up the Monster about 6 years ago but moved on to a new vice in 12 cups of coffee daily 😱.

I have had my ups and my downs but I have never given up on my goal to live healthy.
5 1/2 weeks ago my martial arts instructor and now my health coach John Salama suggested that I take control of my health with his guidance.

Here I am now! With a goal of dropping 40 pounds of excess weight, as of Saturday I am currently down 19 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist 🥳.

I have already gone shopping for new clothes as I was swimming in everything I owned. I don’t remember the last time I wore a medium size shirt but here I am now buying mediums.

Alex K.

My journey has taken me decades of trying every option under the sun. I put this body of mine through all kinds of diets, workouts, and extremes! I will never take my body for granted again, it's done all I've asked it to do and more! Recently I've realized that there is no outworking my nutrition, and more importantly my habits! Both needed drastic change! Thus far, I'm down 84lbs as a whole and I know my journey is still not yet done!

However, more than just the weight, the biggest victory for me personally has been gaining control over my eating disorders. No longer having my weight fluctuate like a yo-yo, having structured meal portions, and still enjoying food has put to rest these disorders once and for all!

So grateful for thia plan and all levels of sorry it offers! All glory to Christ!🙌🏼

Ms. Chavez
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